Religious Activism is not Religion

Just in-case you missed the emphasis of the sentiment from the title, Religious Activism is not Religion.  See, unlike religion, activism is an outward choice.  It’s a movement to take something wholly inward, faith, and make it an outward action.  In essence, one is stating “My faith is so important to me, you must also live by it’s precepts, whether you like it or not.”  This applies to all religious activism, positive or negative, and all degrees in-between.  Now that I’ve developed the lead…

The Governor Jan Brewer (R-AZ) made the right call. That law was bunk. Its funny to me, people only care about government infringement on liberty, but the same constitution applies to personal affronts on liberty. By choosing to serve whom you prefer, you are effectively limiting someone’s lawful liberty to conduct themselves in a lawful manner. When the roots of that law are based in someones religion, that constitutes an act of religious activism.  The same can be said for states that pass legislation that bans any amount of gay marriage.  Fortunately, state Supreme Courts recognize this act as unconstitutional, as all acts in this manner are unconstitutional.

So allow me to briefly address why.  There are three distinct amendments that prohibit these actions:  The first, the tenth, and the fourteenth.  Insofarasmuch as a person is conducting themselves in a lawful manner (see, not infringing on someone’s personal liberty as so established in the constitution), that person cannot be denied the rights to speech, collection and lawful action.  Specific to these cases, it’s not an affront to someone’s personal liberty when someone’s sexual identity is something they don’t prefer.  As their sexual identity is specific to who they are, they aren’t undertaking an action, and therefore cannot infringe on anyone’s liberty with their sexuality.  That being said, by stating that you refuse to serve someone, in any manner, based on anything that makes up something that isn’t an action, you’re infringing on their personal liberty of life.  For reference, I can deny you service because you’re not wearing a shirt.  I cannot deny you service because my religion doesn’t recognize your person-hood.

So, you see… religion is not religious activism.  If you choose to have a faith, and that faith does not choose to recognize someone’s sexual identity, you can practice that faith in your congregation, your house, or your mind… all you like.  That’s called practicing your religion.  However, if you choose to focus your faith outward, in effect proclaiming that your beliefs are more important than someone else’s, than that’s religious activism, and you can’t act offended if someone doesn’t share your beliefs.


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