Working Theory: Dichotomy of Socialism

In one of my random musings I came up with something I have yet to hear mention of (published or otherwise), though, I have yet to fully ingratiate myself in it.  Basically, don’t take me on my word…  Yet…

What I’m referring to is something I’m slowly referring to as a dichotomy of socialism.  As it goes, I would hesitate in stating that all business success, or success in general, comes from hard work.  There are those we deem “successful” that had nothing to do with earning that success.  Simply put, being born into something previously successful has its merits.  It takes a certain perspective (or to be in a few disparate circles) to see it first hand, but wealth is most certainly spread around in affluent circles as well.  While this may not be what we generally perceive as Socialism in the 21st century, the socio-economics of it are nearly the same.  It is generally referred to in another light, but the devil still belies the theory, that there exists some level of collectivist intervention.  Either way, I find it an interesting social perspective to see play out.

It would take some level of resources to study, but I think the topic is worth a mention in higher circles.


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