Economics Cares Little for Political Affiliation

Somethings tire me to no end.  Watching a progressive, and a conservative, talk about economics is never good policy, if you’re looking to keep from bashing your head into a wall, that is…

Most recently I had to witness this tete-a-tete over debt and deficit, and while my interjection is a bit over-simplified, I can say with a high degree of confidence that my rising blood pressure from the former, had a strong effect over the latter…

it isn’t a right or left thing, it’s not about deficits vs. Debt, and for god’s sake would people stop talking about economics in a static short-run model…. I don’t mean to point this directly at anyone, but looking at this through a myopic glass is the entire problem.  The debt is an issue in so far as much as we don’t hold out own debt, and the interest on our debt is a line-item in the budget, and a significant one at that. But more to the former, arguing against significant debt as a non issue assumes that those who hold our debt continue on their current path. The likelihppd of that happening is high, however, geopolitics has been known to shift in massive and unforseen ways. Its an economic assumption.

The deficit Is reliant on non-static inlays and outlays in our national economic accounts. Administrations change, geopolitical events (wars) happen, budgets adjust (or dont get passed ), priorities change, economies crash…and all affect the deficit (or surplus) between the inlays and outlays.

People need to stop talking about this from a team-based point structure. We are a young economy and a young government. Things change.


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