If it Walks like a Duck, I’d Imagine it Wouldn’t Walk, as much as Waddle

I have a feeling this one may shoot around a bit.  It’s a combination of a few things, mainly news-related rambling and my reaction to reviews of shows.  Though, reaction to conversations I’ve had also play into it.  Mainly, I’m going to focus on the labeling of things.  See, it seems to me, that people can get so caught up in the label, and not the definition.  Furthermore, it seems that people can get caught up in an idealized version of something, and not accept the truth of it.  Both of which I consider subjective selfishness, meant only to appease the writer’s / speaker’s sense of self-righteousness.

Before I continue, I’ll certainly note that I am not free of such misgivings.  I make my commentary on the world based on my own selfish beliefs.  Accordingly, I also feel that my beliefs on the matter take priority over others.  However, I have shown great restraint in my subjectivity.  I feel that my beliefs are based in objective observation into what works best, or what situations are, rather than some selfish desire to work out for me.  Basically, my selfish desire to have them work for everyone, but I digress…

Most recently, Riley Cooper stated, without restraint, “I will jump over the fence and fight every nigger here.”  Cue widespread media attention……now.  Every sports radio station, sports television station, cable news station, blog, twitter account, everywhere exhibited a very audible GASP, and then proceeded to lambaste him.  I won’t say that I agree with the man’s sentiment, his intention, or the context of its usage, but I’ll be equally as suspect over media outrage.  I remember Kobe Bryant received the same treatment when he was caught on camera mouthing Faggot.  However, Mr. Cooper was just recently dismissed from the team, Kobe was not.  Both apologized publicly.  Is there a difference in the usage or the context?

Allow me to continue, I then had to endure days of debate between the usage of the word nigger.  Whether the context made it OK to use if one was white or black, if the word was less-offensive if the e-er was replaced with -ga (as if  nigger was latin, nigg was the root and -er was the suffix), whether use of the word was blatant racism or not, or if over-usage of the word (or a subdued reaction to it) was the correct approach to debasing it’s negative effect.  Somebody hang me from the bridge, unless somehow you want to make that connection to racial offense, then just shoot me with an Chicago-based illegally obtained handgun (because no one seems to find the proliferation of black inner city violence, racist.)  Either way, how self-indulgent indignation can become…

Now I will change scenery for the second act, while still maintaining obvious plot lines in the hopes that my twitter generation still has the patience to connect the dots, instead of having me hand them the setup and punchline like some poor mans Milton Berle (I’m talking to you current class of 30-something bloggers.)  I was having a conversation with my friends about a news-oriented drama that currently is airing on a pay-for-view cable channel.  Subsequently, these opinions also happen to tie in with some reviews of this show I have read online.  Without assuming that their opinions derived from reviews only, while knowing the the reviews most certainly did not derive from my friends, I can also conclude the proliferation of indignation within the vocalized “selfish-class.” is almost enough to make me feel dirty…almost.  Specific to the show, it’s as if no woman ever, in the history of ever, has ever been tragic, or any male strong.  That no PhD, or multiple PhD holder could ever also be subsequently bad with women, or successful women, also care less about fringe movements that multi-hundred dollar shoes.

As it is with bigotry, racism, feminism, ism-ism and all other selfish sub-classifications, there belies an idea that things should be as we wish them to be, not as they are, and that any action to the ulterior be somehow sub-stratified or classified so that we then can be allowed to have some opinion on it, or find some rationalization to it outside of we just plain find it to be right or wrong.  See, we only refer to these people as bigots, or racists, or feminists because we don’t agree with their actions, forgetting the fact that whether we believe their actions to be acceptable or not, this is how they are, how they act, and our pre-conceived notions of what is acceptable are our selfish judgements on others.  We are our own judges, any judgement on anyone else, outside the court of law, is inherently subjective.  Act as you will, but don’t then act as if you’re not acting in self-benefit.

I state this acknowledging equally the negative and positive bias.  I do believe that some claims are inherently correct.  I believe that Riley Cooper is a country idiot.  I believe that Kobe Bryant is an ignorant bigot.  I believe that Christians that do not accept that homosexuality is natural, and that by being natural is endowed with the same inalienable rights we all share, are equally as ignorant.  I believe racism is still alive and prevalent, and that we allow it to be so, because it does not directly affect us, though I believe the same of neighborhood gun violence.  I believe all manner of sex can be timid or weak willed, but I do believe that there are a lack of positive female role models that receive mass appeal, then again I believe females have more to do with that then males, just like I believe that males should be less appalled over their inherent sexuality, come to terms with it, and stop blaming females for it.  That last part, I believe females should also adhere to.

Mainly, and much to the point, I believe that people need to stop putting their beliefs on things that don’t directly engage them, but insofarasmuch as to say that you shouldn’t be shocked.  Not one particular religion is more prone to violence, they all are, so don’t be shocked when it happens, as much as you shouldn’t be shocked when it doesn’t.  The same goes for races and racism, humans and sexual comfort, sex and sexuality, gender and societal roles, etc. etc. etc.  Additionally, the same applies to words.  Words are only as offensives as we allow them to be.  We allow them to be on the same precepts previously mentioned.  Basically, refrain from acting shocked when known actors, act.  If groups of people disdain certain actions then form a quorum and act accordingly, but this circus of outrage has got to stop.  We do not live in an age of innocence, and even in any perceived age of innocence, no one was really ever innocent.  I mean, has anyone ever been, really?


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