Nothing Easy is Ever Worth it

Hello, good evening, and as always…Welcome.

It has been some time friends, and while I do not feel that I owe anyone an apology, I do feel that I owe myself one.  I do not harbor any extravagant notion that the ideas that I share, or the positions I take are of a nature unique, however I do take notice of the particular knack I have for self expression.

Allow me to be more specific, both in why I choose to remove myself, and then equally insert myself into conversation internetialism (Yes… Inter-Net-ialism.  Take note, I’m coining this phrase June-17, 2013)  See the internet, in all the wisdom of a one Obi-Wan-Kenobi, can be the largest hive of scum and villainy.  In equal parts it can also be the most fertile ground for birthing original thought and expansive knowledge sharing.  The former is why I remove myself, and why I choose to celebrate my knack for self expression.  The latter is what drives me to post, even when most of what I see on the net so resembles the former

What drives me to pull-back is the overwhelming negativity and anger so prevalent in popular journalism.  No matter the political leaning, no matter the network, no matter the “stream”… It’s tiring.  To attempt to internalize, process and respond is demanding.  On one hand, I ask myself to forgive misgivings, on the other I practice restraint.  There are positions, opinions and commentary so devoid of factual basis and so rife with conjecture promulgating the internet it often takes all that I have to not respond in kind.  To not fight extremist propaganda, with like-extremism.  To that end, I force myself into internet hermit-ry.

As I had just previously noted, the latter is also what drives me to engage.  To take the extremism head-on, not with conjecture, but with quality analysis and response.  This is the skill I bring, the ability to separate through it all and do my best to provide reason.  It’s been long enough, so I would like to return to the realm.  I may eventually regress, but for now I’m ready to party.


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