The Total is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

Good Morning!

No, seriously.  GOOD MORNING!  I often wonder why so many people are so uneasy in the AM.  It’s the beginning of the day, the most open of opportunities.  The chance to write a new chapter, or the chance to use another cliche’… To those that know me personally, there are concepts that I live by that do come off as cheesy.  This is the unavoidable downfall of being an eternal optimist.  Each waking day provides a chance to do something good for yourself, or for another, and it allows you the chance to change your fortunes, or to change the direction of something you love, but which has become irrevocably flawed.

This blog has become an outlet of mine, as I am sure is oft the case, but I have found that it does not accurately portray me.  See, I am not just some champion of moral causes, or some blogger of political intent.  While these may be my some of my passions, I am also an ardent believer in love, family and the purity of stick on puck.  I enjoy hosting others and bringing smiles to faces, cooking for large groups, or just my Pudd (Hi Baby!).  I’m a big fan of my hometown, and I will always bleed a non-static mix of black, gold, blue and white. I will always be a product of a small mill town from Pennsylvania, that has molded some of the most unique minds that I have the honor of calling my friends.   In short, my  total is much greater than the sum of my parts.

At this notion I am left with a choice.  I could create a new blog to satisfy each of my specific interests, or I could update and evolve my current blog.  I’ll choose the latter.

In my word, an Independent does not just have to signify a political agenda.  For me, it stands for independent thought and action.  Ideas and interests that may not be entirely new, but will always be unique to my character.  It’s a word that can signify something in all of us, or at least those of us that choose to think for ourselves.  So I will put myself on blast.  I know that I fully support the ideas I have already presented, but am overwhelmingly aware of the miniscule portion of myself that I have shown.  Hope you enjoy where I am headed here, because it’s where I’ve always been….   -Matt


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