It Was the Heat of the Moment: Misplaced Weapons Policy and the Monied Interests

It is my longstanding belief that acts of anger, or reactions based on anger are wasted.  Anger is a wasted emotion as nothing positive ever spawns from it.  I do my best to avoid arguments and I prefer to engage in debates…  they’re just more constructive.  However, sometimes I get the better of myself.

See, I used to play hockey, and I religiously support the sport (and the Pittsburgh Penguins).  There are times when one just has to drop the gloves.  When some offense is so blatant that it requires a reaction, and that reaction requires a squared-off stance and a fistful of jersey.

I often engage anyone and everyone on matters of current events, legislative policy, consumer incentive and economic theory…  often to their dismay.  I have been accused of being a tinfoil hat conservative who “hates the gubment” and a liberal rhetoric communist who “hates liberty.”  Anyone who knows me, or reads this blog, would know that I am neither and both.  I am the dreaded grey area and I like to think that this tends to induce reason and logic.

Currently, this post and this other post have earned the ire of “conservatives” and second amendment supporters, not because they understood what I was saying (though a few have), but because they blindly assumed that a post on the second amendment, not littered with calls of tyranny and liberty, was communist garbage.  (DISCLAIMER:  Not everyone)  I’m no communist, I believe in nothing any communist believes in. If anything, I’m a founding fatherist amidst a pack of people who claim liberty, but end up sounding like a bunch of facists.

You cam balk at/speak for gun legislation all you like, until you address the illegal acquisition and proliferation of handguns and the ensuing violence in major urban areas you’re standing on false grounds. Small upper class neighborhoods aren’t the only ones suffering.

Notwithstanding,  why the hell is everyone so damn zero-sum? I have never once…ever…stated, that anyone…should ever… have their rights infringed upon, yet somehow…the minute…I refer to actually tackling the problem of … ILLEGAL ACQUISITION… It’s all “Amurka” and “I’m Naive.”

I’m a patriot, blue-collar, academic who bleeds red/white/blue and drools over revolutionary history and the constitution. If you ain’t down with that, then hold your tongue, because there is a conspiracy going on, and it AIN’T government tyranny.

When you can answer the questions of supply/demand, who stands to profit from that theory, and why truckloads of illegal handguns  litter the streets of major urban areas, then you can talk to me about liberty. Allowing manufacturers to profit off the backs of the underprivileged, under the guise of the second amendment, and protected by the minority who’s easily outraged, is the damn tyranny.

Fact, of all the Murders/Homicides reported to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports, in 2011:

  • 49.1% of those were committed by handguns
  • Handguns constitute 72.5% of all firearm related murders/homicides
  • States containing major metropolitan areas, or suburbs of those areas constitute 29.2 %
    • CA (6.84); GA (2.57); IL (2.87); LA (2.94); MD (2.07); NJ (1.88); NY(3.11); PA(2.99); TX(3.92)
  • That is 59.4% of all reported murders/homicides by handguns

Where do the guns come from? Why aren’t manufacturers doing more/are investigated? Why aren’t those so passionate about their liberties, questioning the infringement of other peoples liberties? 

Some of these very states have some of the strictest Weapon control regulations in the nation, some have the least strict, point is that the rules on record right now do not work.  Blanket banning things is reactionary, and oft accomplished in the heat of passion.  In this case far too few are asking the correct questions.  If, at this moment, you are assuming that I am asking for a ban on anything, rethink your opinion.

The citizens of the United States do have, and will always have, the right to defend themselves and bare arms.  Business in this country, and businesses who import to this country are regulated industries who are subject to scrutiny.  False protection, under an amendment meant for our self-protection, is not applicable.  Someone, or someones are allowing the proliferation of illegal weaponry in this country because they stand to profit from it, or from the defense from it and no one is asking those questions.  So don’t bring your “liberty” to me because you have no understanding of the word, at least no understanding of the word in the classical sense, the Austrian sense or the founding sense.  Taking liberties with our constitution is not an act conceived in the chambers of congress, or the halls of democracy.  These are acts conceived on golf courses and in board rooms.

We allow limited moneyed interests to infringe on our rights everyday, and people want to talk liberties.  Remove money from the political process. It’s the only way to revert to sane dialogue. Dollars are not free speech. Capitalism, while beautiful, is not speech, but preference and consumer incentive.  “We the People” is not read “We the People who are Inherently Wealthy.”

How Do We Fix All of These Issues?

The answer is far simpler, and easier…less restrictive and reactionary than anyone is suggesting.  Not too mention, it does not infringe on anyone’s ability or right to bare arms.

Make all firearm manufacturers responsible for the sale of their product.  Move the industry from wholesale to retail.  It isn’t all that complicated.  Instead of conducting new firearm sales in Wal-Mart or Dick’s Sporting Goods or local gun shops, have all sales conducted via manufacturer dealers.  Firearms are no longer a hobby or enthusiast industry.

However, the manufacturers of the firearms receive no recompense from the illegal proliferation of their product.  As I stated in my previous post, “These things aren’t falling off the backs of trucks.” Additionally, these manufacturers are not making a huge push to do so as they stand to directly profit off of legal AND illegal sales.  At least, one would assume, increased competition from illegally imported weapons would induce industry clamor, as so often happens in other marketplaces.  So STOP suggesting blanket bans on weapons.

It is time to do what should have been done awhile ago.  Promote firearms as the major industry that it is, and hold those who manufacture the firearms responsible for their products.  It won’t infringe on anyone’s rights, and will properly align the marketplace incentives.

Which is, of course, the path to true liberty and freedom

The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations.” – Thomas Jefferson


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