A Logical Argument Happened on the way Through the Fallacy

I had a wonderful excursion into the world of conservative comments today.  Check the date, I wonder if you can guess what the topic was.  Boy did I learn two things today:  First, why are conservatives so sensitive, no really, sensitive; second, why is it that people have such a hard time with someone who doesn’t result to negativity to provide factual points?  I say this out of no disdain to the conservative agenda, as I have no more of a problem with them as I do the other side of the opinion war.  As I will conclude with later, I am an equal opportunist with my comments.

What I was able to do, was collect the discourse, as all blog posts on Politico.com back-up to Facebook. What is to follow are my responses to the comments made.  Of note, the anger, slander, and mickey-mouse level of comments I received, for pointing out the truth in light of non-fact was startling.  I would post a screenshot I felt compelled to take, but I feel that it some manner, that would be a legal breach, as one individual decided that it would be best to post on a public, and popular, political forum that the President of the United States “should be taken behind the barn and put down.”  Wow.

Actually, if you would like to follow the string, http://www.politico.com/blogs/media/2012/10/media-gives-little-play-to-obama-tape-137354.html fb_comment_id=fbc_270564649713832_1079790_270567793046851#f1eab6165
First post down, has about 70 comments.  Yeah that’s the effect that non-biased truth has on an un-informed electorate.  Either way, here you go.  For ease I will bold the original comment, from some un-named conservative, what follows that are my responses.  Enjoy!

A compendium of the media’s apologia for Obama. They failed to do their due diligence in 2008 and have moved on to affirmatively dismissing any negative information. The media’s mis, non and malfeasance is laid bare in their response to this clip. ( The old clip of Barack Obama, dated June 6, 2007)

“You do know that Fox covered the hell out of this back then, on top of three days worth of coverage by the compendium of media outlets, internet included.Can’t say that this isn’t a pet topic of mine as Fox is as mainstream as they come, as is Rush or drudge. Three mediums for the message, three million-dollar babies.

Point being, it was covered.”

“Oh to stir the pot… Caps-lock and insults, a point does not make. The full video was very justly shown back then, as it was with the entirety of the live audience in attendance. Apologies to your logic folks, but 2007 was not some far gone era where digital media somehow did not exist. The video was on record, and received just coverage. Oh, and for the record, I am far from what anyone would refer to as a liberal. Just because I don’t agree with ridiculousness, does not fit me into the box you would like to see me in.

Per the assessment that somehow Fox / Rush / and Drudge are not mainstream… No one who is interested is disconnected from that message. I refer to my previous line, but with an updated date. 2012 is not some bygone era where digital media no longer rules the airwaves. As it is here, as it is everywhere. All mediums of the conservative message have as much of a mainstream audience, as all mediums for any message do. I pay attention to a fairly high percentage of most of these outlets. I promise that cross-coverage exists, and is prevalent. If you believe that televised news is what the populace finds popular, so be it, but the message is lost to the masses who follow the honey boo-boos / house hunters / NFL / NBA / MLB etc… of the world.”

“Oh dear… I would never have made those comments about any president, sitting or otherwise. I respect the office, something people seem to forge within their own commentst. Then again, I wouldn’t expect someone who doesn’tt instantly condone the comment that the president should be shot, or belittle its intention, to agree with the action. Illegal is illegal. That is terrorism sir.

Vitriol abound, and none of it is located on within my posts. Then again, I’m not a man who supports demeaning language or disrespect. I honestly have no idea what the implication of brownshirt, or Penn State have to offer to the conversation. Either way, its not me whom you’re making look foolish.

And to finally bring this conversation back around… I don’t need to reference facts from someones post, I remember the coverage of this event. I pay attention. It was covered, by everyone, right/center/left, to death. All the tapes in the world won’t change the fact that I watched hours of coverage. Then again, if that doesn’t fit your narrative…

By the way, I don’t know if anyone remembers the actual people affected by the tragedy. If you were there you remember how bad it was. If you volunteered to help rebuild the city you remember. I remember. The black / hispanic / cajun / white residents of the city received ill treatment in response to support and relief. This country’s greatest natural disaster was not appropriately responded to. Everyone was angry”

” its because your search string wasn’t tailored to produce results.

First one on the list. The AP wire, report, as posted by the ‘Concord Monitor,’ June 6, 2007. If you don’t want to believe that all media outlets, in 2007, had access to the AP wire, not my problem.

http://www.concordmonitor.com/article/bush-ignoring-quiet-riot-among-blacks-obama-warns‘ ”

“Maybe to add some coverage. USA Today, June 6, 2007.

http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/politics/2007-06-05-2605804428_x.htm ”

“Ahhhh, finally. What I’ve been looking for…Oh, please allow me to take a second. Now, I attempt to actively contain all intentions of hubris on my behalf. I do this in the effort of expanding and raising the level of political discourse in this country. However, in this case, I’ve had a bit of fun. All it takes is twenty minutes, and the ability to utilize Boolean operators within a search string.

I present to you, for your enjoyment…



I make it a point to assist all political agendas with their references. I take no sides. The system is corrupt. It is up to the electorate to right that system, but I refuse to allow malcontents and their misinformation, vitriol and hated become that electorate. That system is no different than the current, just a different flavor.”

As the kids say….Boom.  Wish I could get paid for this!


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