Post August Jobs Report. Raising Political Discourse.

Admittedly, this was originally a response to a August Jobs Report response piece on  The response piece centered on Governor Romney’s reaction to the report.  My aim of this blog is to elevate the political discourse of some small subset who reads it.  After reading through reader commentary to the response, I decided to do just that.  Here is my un-edited response…

I’ll tell you right now, statements such as “My plan for a stronger middle class will create 12 million new jobs by the end of my first term. America deserves new leadership that will get our economy moving again.” Does nothing for nobody.  Not to mention that the 12 million jobs are already projected to occur no matter the policy.  A lack of specific proposals, plus this idea of “leadership,” is misleading.  I won’t come to the defense of any one person, but I sure know crap when I smell it.  No president has an active role in affecting jobs, or the economy.  Efforts to metric those statistics are inherently subjective.  It’s like putting the record of a sports franchise up against economic statistics, and saying economic success/failure comes from the success/failure of that sports franchise.

The economy does not work like twitter.  It cannot be fixed in 140 chars. and occur at the speed of the internet.  As of right now, the economy is not bleeding out, we should feel so lucky.  It’s disgusting to think that some election will change this, it only goes to show how little most understand about how this economy works.  I promise you this, if businesses are not hiring, it isn’t because of congressional uncertainty, no matter what they may politicize.  The depression has allowed businesses to learn how to run on as little as possible, increasing technology in the interim to replace human labor.  Why, oh god why, would they hire en mass, if they can do more with less.

If you have a friend or relative, and they are out of work or are constantly looking for work, my heart breaks for you., but there are factors in play that are just larger than politics.  It’s a tough pill to swallow, but private industry, as a tech savvy body, just does not need as many workers we have.  Manufacturing jobs are in decline because computers have replaced manual labor, and the jobs in demand require advanced degrees in engineering.  How many engineers do you know?  How many young engineers do you know that are looking for work?  Recent grads in manufacturing see unemployment rates in the double digits while technical fields, such as engineering, are far below the nation average.  This is where we should be trending from, not from surveys that take the pulse of those with already acquired training, or those who have been in the workforce.

It’s high time we elevate this political discourse to something above Mickey Mouse commentary that’s better suited in comic book speech bubbles.


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