You Didn’t Build That

I’ve been striving to find a voice for this outlet of mine, and until recently I was semi-content with my whole-hearted support of issues that I deemed rightful enough for me to comment upon.  I had rightful intentions, and i used base in fact, with my family-born wit to present arguments contrary to political or popular points of view.  I’ve done this with my limited posts here, some posts in other less polished sites, Facebook or the long-gone days of Myspace.  My comments call for economic and political reform, slighting the right or the left, and always with the utmost respect for the country.  None of that I built.

My voice, the direction that I hope to take this beautiful outlet, will from here, until forever be rooted against extremism.  This is liberal extremism, conservative extremism…all extremism.  There is bad blood in the nation.  Bad, bad blood.  It is coming at us from both sides of the political spectrum, and it is ruining us from the inside out.  When the sole goal of one political party is to defeat, eliminate or destroy the other, they lose the perspective of a nation.  This was not the goal of our founding fathers.  No matter their disputes on the role of government; Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were still friends in the end and there was much they found ground to agree on.  They didn’t build this.

I had posted at an earlier date on the idea of “we.”  As in, We the People.  There is plenty about the current tenor of politics that does not fall under the guidelines of we the people.  Asking for a population sample to pay more in taxes does not speak to the idea of we the people, it speaks to the ideas of you the people.  When you tell a sample of the population that the government of the United States will not recognize the love you share for a member of the same sex, because it does not fit a particular samples definition of “traditional,”  that does not speak to we the people, that speaks to you the people.  That idea toils down the roles of both major political platforms.  At this point, both platforms do not speak to we the people, it speaks to you the people, and this is dangerous, and as I imagine a majority of folks would say, I didn’t build that.

I highlight this phrase, in this particular post, because I want to close on this, context or not, no matter what you do…You Didn’t Build That.  That’s correct America, none of you, not one, built that.  We have all, at one point or another, relied on someone, for something, to help us get somewhere.  The parents who birthed us and taught us how to tie our shoes, how to speak, how to love.  The teachers who taught Math and Science, and how to apply logic and reasoning.  The church group who taught us how to have faith and community. To the government assistance that has provided for public works projects that have brought us the Hoover Dam (forgot about that one eh?) or the national highway system (integral for the flow of good and services). This applies to you, Governor Mitt Romney and you, President Barrack Obama and to all the small business owners used for political gain, you didn’t build that.  The government didn’t build that, private business didn’t build that, neither Republicans nor Democrats; Tea Party folk nor Occupy folk. No, you didn’t build anything, we all did; and it is about damn time we started holding our elected officials to these principles.  You are elected by some majority vote to govern the entire body, not just those who elected you.  An idea that those who elect, and those elected would do well to abide by.


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