Penn State, The Seen and the Unseen: Part One


Allow me to first post this disclaimer.  I am a proud Pennsylvania State University Alumni.  I base the opinions that are to follow on a mix of personal history and Penn State culture.  I have done my best to separate myself from the love I have for the institution that helped to mold me, and the compassion I have for all human beings. These opinions were made both in the heat of the moment and in a logical frame of mind.  After initially building my opinions, I took the time to compile them into two posts…

Part One:  In the Heat of the Moment

I generally cannot believe the hate levied at me at this moment.  I feel that there is an assumption that Penn State students and Alumni, by being against having everyone suffer, that we are also against those involved in the scandal getting what they deserve.  This could not be further from the truth. There exists not a single student/faculty/alumni present within the Penn State system that does not grieve horribly for the victims of Jerry Sandusky.  How “experts” can deem it appropriate to carpet-bomb an entire region of people who were in the dark, until the release of the facts, is beyond my recognition. The accused/indicted/sentenced men are not responsible for the well-being of central PA or the well-being of State College, PA. Being born to a location does not immediately make you a lamb for slaughter, nor does being an athlete for the university. I had no idea that the athletes had anything to do with the scandal.  We do not serve any victims of rape by continually creating additional victims. Creating victims to find justice is equally a crime. Everyone who was calling for the  entire university to suffer, because of those men’s actions, are completely insensitive to the lives of the hundreds of thousands of students, faculty and residents of Penn State and State College, PA that will undoubtedly become collateral damage.  This is no different from the disregard shown towards the children, from the men who covered the scandal up to protect revenue and reputation. Punishing hundreds of thousands of people because of the selfish acts of a few is horseshit, and I do not have to stand for it. People let their hate blind them and it makes them say things that are hurtful and negative.  The entire region was not involved, nor were the students attending the university, or the programs in place by the university that help the surrounding area. If you feel that ALL those people must suffer, in addition to those who are already suffering, than that is an effect of hate.  I will take the side of compassion, rather than the blinding nature of hate.


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