Guns, Violence and Malign: To Lead by Example

In reflection of the tragic occurrence in Aurora, Colorado, I, as I also assume many of us, am left empty with grief.  Where do we look for answers?  Family, friends, religion or law?  Is any answer truly “right” in the face of indescribable terror?  Condolences are professed and speeches are given, yet no suggestion of action is given.

It seems to be the national consensus that tighter gun control laws will be mostly ineffective as political pressure from gun lobbies and a general acceptance of gun ownership has seemed to stifle the voices of the gun control caucus, once so vociferous. This is also true for the violence in entertainment.  I’ll tend to agree.  The weapon or entertainment in question, is only half the problem.  Like most motives and incentives, if the need exists so do the means.  A weapon is a weapon when it is put in use to be a weapon.  Entertainment is a medium that requires a brain to put into action.  There is a massive human element that has to be considered in any of these arguments.

As my multitude of future posts will point out, the blame factor, at this point in our nation’s history, is at quite the high level.  It’s Wall Street greed or Democratic legislation, Republican blockading or voter referendum.  To me, it just doesn’t seem that people like to take personal responsibility for the actions they are responsible for.  To that I make a call to action.  It’s time to take those we elect and support, though our votes or our tv-time accountable for being a better class of person.

Battleground states, war rooms, hit lists and attack ads; the terms and phrases used to account day-today operations are predicated on the beliefs that we deem socially acceptable.  If the president, media members, and our other elected officials represent us as a society, and the beliefs of that society, then the consistent negativity within such a body is a constant reminder of how we treat our peers.  No such law, or lack thereof, defines the base with which these violent tactics are to be judged, but the example set forth by those we deem acceptable to represent us most assuredly does.


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