Hello! Come Get to Know Me!

Welcome to the Independent’s Party.  I appreciate your eye-time with great reverence.  Time is so crucial to all of us these days, and time spent here is best spent with an open mind.  I figure that it is best to introduce myself, and cognizant that most will miss this intro, still feel the need.  I often don’t agree with most political party principles AND principals.  I’m also a fan of grammar, and humor.

What this means for the reader?  Topics will range the gamut.  Major public events, political discourse, things I find hilarious or general nonsense; you will find it here.  I will circle around to points I find salient, I will do my best to provide logic in my points and I am open for discussion.

What I won’t do… Is argue with demagogues, talking points, comically biased slander or non-fact facts.  I will also not entertain those who utilize comic-book phrases to explain U.S. legislation, such as:  “Bush Tax Cuts,” “Romneycare” , “Obamacare,” or such disrespect to legitimate legislation.  Half of what is wrong with this country is a serious lack of respect for the entire political process, and a lack of respect by the process for those they wish to interact with.  I openly mock utilization of this mickey-mouse brand of politics and commentary.  I fancy myself poignant and witty, try me.

That all being said, let’s have some fun.  I’m looking forward to this adventure.  I hope you are too.


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